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Declare a week for Design.


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2018 Update

In 2017, Edmonton celebrated its first design week, creating a platform and opportunity to showcase and celebrate this growing industry in our city. The festival was a success, featuring 42 events and installations around Edmonton! Thank you to all those who supported the first Edmonton Design Week. If you are interested in discussing opportunities for Edmonton Design Week in the future, please contact Chris Provins at chris@oliverapt.com


Declare a week for design. 

Thank you for making the 2017 inaugural Edmonton Design Week a success!


Our vision for this year, the next,
and the one after that.

Each year, 9 days of programming will fuel the other 356 days, inspiring new creatives and creating new fans locally and around the world, until the next Design Week does it all over again. 2017 marked year one of Edmonton Design Week, driven by a city of creatives and their supporters.